Learning Objectives

CAGPO-CCMB 2019 General Conference Learning Objectives

At the completion of this conference, the participant will: 
  • will be knowledgeable in the most up-to-date treatment options for adjuvant and metastatic hormone sensitive, Her2Neu negative breast cancer;
  • will comprehend the role of dignity therapy;
  • will have an appreciation of the importance of caring for the the caregiver;
  • be able to discuss with their patients the changes in treatment  for left versus right metastatic colorectal cancers and why some patients only require 3 not 6 months of adjuvant therapy;
  • will become more competent in the management of immunotherapy toxicities especially as they relate to treatment for metastatic non-small cell lung cancer and melanoma;
  • will be familiar with the role of SBRT and how to manage the more common toxicities;
  • will be introduced to the emergence of biosimilars-what they are and how they will be incorporated into oncology practice;
  • will be familiar with the latest advancements in  systemic treatment for metastatic prostate cancer and multiple myeloma;
  • will be able to discuss the many benefits of smoking cessation with their patients;
  • will be knowledgeable regarding the importance of up to date immunizations for oncology patients;
  • will understand how radiation is administered in the treatment of endometrial cancers, what the major toxicities are and how to manage them;
  • will be more knowledgeable regarding the role of cannabis in symptom management for oncology patients;
  • will become more  competent in the management of febrile neutropenia;
  • will comprehend the importance of discussing sexual health issues with patients undergoing treatment;
  • will become familiar with CAGPO’s scholarship program;
  • will acquire an approach to the use  of complementary and alternative medicines in oncology patients;
  • will understand the importance of the role of family doctor, FPO/GPO in the provision of oncology care.