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Learning Objectives

CAGPO 2022 General Conference Learning Objectives

At the completion of this conference, the participant will:
  • be able to evaluate data concerning major advances presented at ASCO 2022 and ESMO 2022;
  • comprehend an approach to treatment for stage 3 and metastatic rectal cancer;
  • comprehend recent advances in the treatment of Her2neu positive breast cancer, lung cancer and multiple myeloma;
  • be able to apply knowledge acquired regarding the role of ethics in the delivery of oncology care;
  • be able to implement the tools discussed in evaluating the role of systemic therapy for our geriatric patients;
  • comprehend how COVID has affected the delivery of patient care for both medical and radiation oncology treatment plans;
  • comprehend the role of MAID for oncology patients and how COVID has affected its delivery;
  • acquire new knowledge in the treatment of electrolyte abnormalities and the availability of online tools from the perspective of the oncology pharmacist;
  • acquire a working knowledge of the role of gene assays in treatment decision making for hormone receptor positive, Her2neu negative breast cancer;
  • be able to apply knowledge acquired regarding the role of genetics’ assessments; and 
  • comprehend the recent changes to the treatment of cancer associated thrombosis.