CAGPO Bursaries to Attend the 2021 CAGPO Annual Conference

CAGPO is offering up to 3 bursaries, (maximum 1 for a Resident) to 2021 CAGPO members and trainees. 
These bursaries will give our members who do not have access to CME funding the opportunity to offset a significant portion of the costs to attend the 2021 CAGPO Annual Conference.
Each bursary will cover the following expenses:
  • Registration for the 2021 CAGPO conference.
Maximum value of each bursary will be $500.00.
  • Complete our application form by August 15th, 2021 at the latest and send it;
  • You must be a present member of CAGPO;
  • Agree to provide some form of educational activity within your Centre or region within three months of the CAGPO conference
  • Application form for CAGPO Members.
  • Application form for Residents